3 Most Popular Surgical Ways of Treating Obesity

Obesity is a long-term disease which affects nearly one-third of world’s population.

It is believed and medically proven also that obese people are at higher risk of getting affected from 30 serious medical conditions like hypertension, diabetes, etc., as compared non-obese people. It is prudent that every obese person should adopt strict weight loss diet and exercise schedule for reducing weight. However, this strategy does not work for people from all walks of life. Some people need to opt for surgical ways as effective anti-obesity treatment.
Different Surgical Anti-Obesity Treatments
Surgical treatments of obesity are classified as bariatric surgery. For treating morbid obesity, surgery is considered as the most effective treatment. Ideal candidates for bariatric surgery are those people:

• Whose BMI is greater than 40
• Already adopted non-surgical ways to reduce weight but got no success
• Ready to face associated risk with surgery.
Three Most Popular Bariatric Surgeries
Gastric Bypass Surgery– In the surgery, a small pouch is created at the top of stomach that receives food. Due to small pouch, a person’s ability to eat and drink is restricted greatly. The surgery is safe and has shown highly effective results.
Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding – In this procedure, a band which contains an inflatable balloon is fixed in upper portion of the stomach. This results in creating small stomach pouch above band. However, with the help of narrow opening it is connected with rest of the stomach. This procedure also restricts the amount of food a person eats as he feels fuller as soon as he eats small amount of food but does not reduce absorption of nutrients and calories.
Sleeve Gastrectomy – In this, part of the stomach is removed from the body and remaining section is formed into tube structure which looks like banana. This small tube holds limited amount of food and thereby reduces appetite of person significantly.
There are other surgical procedures also that help in reducing weight but aforementioned are the most commonly used by experienced surgeons.
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