About Us


Mc Body Clinic located in one of the most prestigious streets in Dubai, we have created a place of harmony and tranquility combined with refined elegance.  On May 2012, the clinic started to introduce one of a kind and advanced non-invasive treatments with the use of new technology in this domain.

Utilizing our very own equipment and technologies in beauty enhancement and body shaping as our first line of service offered followed by different medical specialties such as General Surgery, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Facial and ENT surgery, and Dental.

As we look forward to our goal, the management is planning to expand the medical services we offer in response to other health concerns.


The mission of Mc Body Clinic is to deliver a remarkable medical and beauty services, address client’s concerns and achieve an exemplary outcome for every treatment and procedure.  We aim to provide unique and high-end medical aesthetic and reconstructive services in a safe and pleasing healthcare setting. We optimize the sharp skills and dependable experiences of trusted medical experts in attaining client’s satisfaction.


Mc Body Clinic is aiming to be UAE’s renowned provider of wide-range medical and beauty services, delivering a beyond compare treatment and procedure outcomes maintaining a magnificent quality.