Adjustable Gastric Banding


Gastric Band Surgery

Maintaining ideal body weight is imperative to lead a healthy life. Of late, people have become more and more conscious about their health and are incorporating healthy life style changes to maintain ideal body weight. Despite maintaining a healthy lifestyle, a lot of people suffer from chronic disease known as obesity and are unable to maintain ideal body mass index despite following traditional methods of weight loss. In such a scenario, what would be the ideal solution? The answer is gastric band surgery.

Also known as laparoscopic adjustable gastric band or lap band surgery, it is referred as minimally invasive weight loss surgery which treats the problem of obesity. We at Dubai based Mc Body Clinic ensure our patients to offer the best result of gastric band surgery.

A brief Insight about the Surgery

Approved by FDA, lap band is one of the most common and successful weight loss surgeries usually performed via laparoscopically. The surgery is also regarded as the least invasive approach of treating the obesity. It aims at reducing the size of the stomach by placing an inflatable silicone band around stomach’s upper part, thereby creating a small pouch for storing small amount of food. The surgery is performed within the time span of 30-40 minutes Minimal pain experienced by patients, no cutting or stapling of the stomach, quick recovery, least invasive weight loss procedure, etc., are some of the main benefits of the surgery.

When the gastric band surgery is performed by experienced and professional surgeons of leading UAE, Dubai based Clinic i.e. Mc Body Clinic, patients can expect the best results in minimum time frame. As per the comfort level of customers, our surgeons will adjust the band. However, it is important to disclose the fact that patients’ will power and adaptability to changed eating habits play crucial role in weight loss.

Our surgeons will completely disclose the pre and post-operative dietary guidance with the patients during their first visit. Lifestyle need to follow after surgery, exercises important to follow and complications involved as per individual’s medical history along with the price of gastric band surgery performed at reputed Dubai based clinic are some important pieces of information which are disclosed to patients at their first visit.

So, what are you thinking more? Visit our center and seek consultation with our experts and get crystal clear idea whether you are an ideal candidate for the surgery or not. Therefore, book your appointments today!