Appendix Surgery in Dubai

An appendectomy is a surgical procedure of removing appendix. It is an emergency surgery, which is performed to remove inflamed and swollen appendix. The swollen and inflamed appendix results in infection, known as appendicitis, which may become life-threatening in nature if left untreated. At Mc Body Clinic, leading Dubai based surgical center, surgeons diagnose the condition well and recommend right treatment, suiting to their health condition.

About Appendix Surgery in Dubai

An appendix is located in right side of the abdomen and is a small, tube-shaped pouch which is attached to large intestine. When it becomes swollen and inflamed, bacteria multiply quickly inside the organ resulting in formation of pus. The accumulation of bacteria and pus further causes pain around the belly button and causes appendicitis. Gastrointestinal infections are other causes of appendicitis. Besides swollen and inflammation, there are other symptoms of the condition which are experienced by patients.

Signs and Symptoms of Appendix

Some of the common symptoms are:
•Stomach pain starting from the belly button and spreading to the lower abdomen
•Loss of appetite
It is advised to seek doctor’s consultation in McBody Clinic, Dubai UAE immediately if you are experiencing any of these symptoms.

Treatment of Appendicitis

Removal of appendix surgically is considered as the best treatment of treating the condition. Mild situation is treated with antibiotics; however serious cases need surgical intervention.
Mc Body Clinic is one of the reputed surgical centers of Dubai, UAE performing the surgery with utmost precision. The team of experts either uses minimal invasive surgery or open technique for treating the condition.

Open Appendectomy

Being considered as a traditional way of removing appendix, in open appendectomy incision is made at the lower right side of the abdomen. After incision, infected appendix is removed and incision is stitched.

Laparoscopic Appendectomy in Dubai

In the surgery, an instrument known as laparoscope, a thin and long tube with high resolution camera, is inserted inside the body through an incision. With the help of instrument, infected appendix is located. It also displays image on the screen, thereby allowing surgeons to guide other medical instruments accordingly. When appendix is found, it is removed and incisions are cleaned and dressed.
The laparoscopic procedure is considered as the best option for obese people and adults as it has shorter recovery time and result in less pain.

Post-operative Care of laparoscopic

After surgery, it is prudent to follow surgeon’s instructions. Some of the important instructions are:
•The incision area should remain clean and dry, therefore no bathing to be followed for initial 5-6 days.
•Avoid indulgence in activities like lifting of heavy objects or sports for few weeks.
•Though, there is no restriction with respect to eating and drinking, however patients experience low appetite in first few days.
•You may experience soreness around incision area for first few days. So, keep taking medicines as prescribed by surgeons at regular intervals.
•Resume day-to-day activities within a week’s time.
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Risks & Complications in Appendix Surgery

There are certain risks like blood loss, infections, allergic reactions to medicines, etc. associated with the surgery. However, these risks are mild in nature and go away with the course of time.