Biliopancreatic Diversion


The basic principle of the procedure is similar to that of the Biliopancreatic bypass. The duodenum is divided between the stomach and the bile ducts, diverting pancreatic juice and bile. The duodenal stump is then closed. Ninety percent of the stomach is removed. The small intestine is divided. Using this separated section of small intestine, a new connection is made to the open end of the duodenum. The remaining end of the small intestine is reattached approximately 30 in. from the colon. This Biliopancreatic segment now carries the digestive enzymes and bile. Food and digestive juices mix in the final short 30in. section of the intestine. The laparoscopic approach to this procedure has successfully created a surgical technique with optimum benefit and minimal morbidity, especially in the super obese patient.