BLEPHAROPLASTY (eyelid surgery in dubai)

Eyes being the highly prominent feature of the face play a great role in enhancing one’s elegance and personality. The growing age of the person results in excess and bulging skin that give eyes and the whole face a tired and unpleasant look. Thus, if you are also facing such problem then plan a visit to Dubai, which is a hub for plastic and cosmetic surgeries. Mc Clinic Body based in Dubai is among the best plastic and cosmetic surgery clinic, which allows people to defy the natural aging process with its some of the best cosmetic surgeries treatment. Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery is a cosmetic surgery procedure that is carried out to remove excess skin and fat from the eyelid to provide a youthful look. Wrinkling and sagging of the eyelid is common among the aging people, as the skin of the face starts losing elasticity and muscles become weak, which results in fat accumulation around the eye thereby producing more pronounced eye-bags.

Ideal Candidates for Eyelid surgery

People who in good health and have realistic expectation from the blepharoplasty treatment are considered ideal for undergoing the treatment. Other than this, people with the following problems are considered ideal for the eyelid surgery.

•Have develop prominent eye-bags in young age, as inherited from their parents

•Have vision problem due to droopy eyelids

•Have suffered significant changes in eye or eyelid due to thyroid disease

•Have developed eye-bags due to aging

Non-surgical Treatment Options of eyelid surgery

People who are not comfortable with the eyelid surgery procedure also have non-surgical treatment options to get rid of aging signs around the eyes. Some of the non-invasive treatment options include:

Facial Injections – To restore the youthful appearance of the individuals by removing lines and wrinkles around the eyes, a muscle relaxer is injected in the area.

Injectable fillers – Fillers are injected around the eyes to remove lines and under eye bags.

Fat Injections – Fat from the patient’s own body is taken out and injected under the eyes to get rid of eye bags and improve eye appearance.

Pre-op Preparation of eyelid surgery

Individuals coming to our Dubai clinic for Blepharoplasty first need to consult our plastic surgeon to get themselves examined and to avail vital pre-operative advice and suggestions. Some of the pre-operative instructions given by our plastic surgeons include:

•Stop smoking well in advance, as smoking slows the recovery process
•Prescribed medications should be taken regularly and as advised by the doctors
•Eat healthy and should strictly follow the diet regimen
•Avoid usage of anti-inflammatory drugs, aspirin and herbal supplements
•Required lab tests should be done by the patients

Eyelid Surgery Procedure

Eyelid surgery is performed either on upper or lower eyelids or on both the eyelids depending upon the problem of the individual. Step by step eyelid surgical process is explained in detail below:

•The first step of the surgical procedure is the administration of local or general anesthesia

•Incision is made at the suitable area, like incision is made following the natural lines of the eyelid in the creases of upper lid if upper eyelid surgery has to be performed and in case of lower eyelid surgery, the incision is made just below the lashes in the lower lid.

•The surgeon then remove the excess fat tissue or skin or excess muscle from the eyelids

•In case of lower eyelid surgery, only excess fat is removed from the lower eyelid.

•The surgeon finally close the incision using stitches.

After completion of the surgery, our surgeon will lubricate the patient’s eyes with ointment and even apply a bandage. The patients might feel tightness and soreness in their eyelids after the anesthesia effect, which can be controlled with the prescribed pain medications.

Post-op Care of Eyelid Lift Surgery

The blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery needs to be followed by proper post-operative care in order to achieve best results from the surgery. Some of the post-operative care suggested to the patients include:

•Reduce swelling and bruising by using cold compresses
•Maintain cleanliness of the eyes
•While sleeping or resting, head should be kept elevated
•Eyes should be lubricated by using eye drops
•Makeup should be avoided for certain period
•Watching television is not allowed for few days
•Prescribed medications should be taken as advised
•Wearing contact lenses is not permitted for 3 days
•Physical stress and exertion should be avoided

Our surgeon closely follow the progress in each and every patient and stitches are removed after four days of the surgery. The swelling and discomfort usually subsides after removal of the stitches and patients start feeling better. Patients are even advised to wear sunglasses while going out during the day.

Eyelid Surgery Benefits

Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery comes with several aesthetic and functional benefits, some of which are stated below:

•Eyes will be refreshed and rejuvenated
•Restore the vision problem developed due to sagging eyelids
•Enhance the eye appearance even without makeup
•Get rid of fat around the eyes