An arm lift, medically known as brachioplasty, is a plastic surgery performed for reshaping a person’s arm by removing excess fat and tightening supportive tissues. In other words, it can be said as a surgical procedure which aims at removing sagginess of upper arm and improving its contours by making it look more toned and smoother. Being considered as a safe and effective cosmetic surgery, the UAE, Dubai based clinic Mc Body Clinic is specialized in performing arm lift surgery with 100% satisfactory results.

Who are Ideal Patients for Arm Lift Surgery?

Any male or female can consider arm lift surgery if he has lost significant weight due to which his/her skin loses elasticity and looks unattractive. Even when an individual is overweight, his skin stretches towards the arm to accommodate extra fat. During such conditions, the procedure of arm lift surgery works wonder.

The Cosmetic Procedure of arm lift surgery

It is a procedure which is performed in the time span of 2-3 hours. Local anesthesia is given to patients to numb the affected area. An incision is made in patients’ arm either in back or in side area. A small incision is made if small amount of excess skin is removed and vica versa. For removing small portion of excess skin, an incision is made near the armpit and if large amount of excess skin needs to be removed, incision starts from the underarm and stretches till close to the elbow. Once the incision is made, excess fat is removed and underlying supportive tissues in the skin are tightened. The incisions are closed with stitches.
Recovery Time
Like other cosmetic surgery, it is an outpatient procedure therefore patients can go home at the same day. For a couple of days, patients are advised to wear elastic garments and take pain medications in case of pain and discomfort. Within the time span of two weeks, patients can resume their normal activities. Along with this, there are some post-operative precautions which patients need to follow for getting the best results of brachioplasty. The precautions are:
•Avoid doing physical activities for certain time period
•Take due care of incision sites by keeping it dry and wearing compression garment
•In order to reduce pain and swelling, keep pillows under arms
If aforementioned precautions are followed strictly, patients can expect the desired results within the time span of 1-2 months.

Risk Factor in Brachioplasty

There are certain risks associated with the surgery. For example, infection, loss of sensation, abnormal scarring, skin discoloration, fluid accumulation, etc., are some of the risks patient may experience after arm lift surgery. However, it has been observed if patients have undergone the treatment from a reputed clinic like Mc Body Clinic, results are satisfactory and praise-worthy with little scope of risks and complications.
So, if you are interested in brachioplasty and looking for honest opinion of surgeons, plan your visit to Mc Body Clinic today by taking an appointment in advance. The clinic is famous for offering the best treatment and care to patients at the price most suitable to their pockets.