Cellulite Reduction


Cellulite is the migration of adipose cells through the connective tissue, which means that the fat cells goes out of their shell and appear like nodules under the skin – the so called orange peel  effect. Many causes are attributed to it including hormonal, psychological, and dietary as well as dehydration.

From a medical point of view this condition is considered normal after puberty, however from a cosmetic point of view it is deemed aesthetically unattractive.

The solution is to reduce the amount of fat, to improve the connective tissue and to tighten the skin. Very few technologies and products have the ability of giving you a durable perfect result.

Our machines will break down the escaped fat which is then expelled out of the body via the normal elimination processes, regenerate and repair the connective tissue.


The machine: B2 Radiofrequency and Lymphatic Massage

The treatment with the use of McBody B2 equipment aims to provide a noticeable improvement on face and body. It is designed with four different hand pieces which are used depending on the area being treated. The hand pieces respectively works on the eyes, face, arms, legs, abdomen, thighs & buttocks.

The machine functions through different technologies including bipolar Radiofrequency, infrared laser, endodermic massage and tissue manipulation with rollers that works effectively for  lipolysis of fatty cells, stimulates production of collagen, enhances the blood circulation and increases the effect of lymph drainage.