Cheek Augmentation

cheek augmentation in dubai

High, prominent cheekbones are one of the facial features most frequently associated with beauty. Today, this underlying facial structure can be created with implants. Whether you want heightened and well-formed cheekbones like the ones you had when you were young, or you’ve never had well-defined cheekbones, cheek implants may produce a dramatic change. For many people, cheek implants can provide new facial contours and dimensions to bring facial features into better balance.

Considering the fact that high cheekbones are considered as an essential ingredient of beauty that spells the difference between a youthful appearance and an aged, tired look, many women today prefer cheek augmentation to acquire beautiful, prominent, high cheekbones that add spark to their face. If you are also looking to go for cheek augmentation in Dubai, then Mc Body Clinic located in one of the most prestigious streets in Dubai is the place to be. Cheek implant increases the projection of cheekbones and add volume to areas that may be recessed. The clinic is one of its kind to introduce advanced non-invasive treatments using latest technology.

Cheek Implant Candidates

Ideal candidates for the cheek augmentation are the people

  • Having flat cheek with tired look With good physical health
  • Who do not smoke
  • Have complete understanding of the treatment procedure and its results
  • Have realistic expectation from the treatment

Cheek Implant Goals

Cheek augmentation or cheek implant surgery provides fuller cheeks and improves the contours of cheeks by enhancing the overall beauty and harmony of the face. Thus, the prime motive behind opting for cheek augmentation is to get rid of sunken cheeks and facial hollows, as this treatment improves facial contours, improves contours of jawline and restore lost charm by adding volume to the cheeks. The basic goal behind this treatment is to create facial balance and proportion to restore the charm and elegance of the face.

Cheek Implant Techniques

Cheek augmentation at our clinic can be carried out with both surgical and non-surgical procedure, and the treatment procedure is generally selected depending upon the fact that whether the person is looking for temporary enhancement or permanent option.

The non-surgical cheek augmentation procedures carried out to restore the youthful appearance and give volume to sunken areas and enhance facial contours include:

Injectable fillers – Fillers are injected in the cheek area to give volume to the cheek and enhance the facial contours.

Fat Injections – In this non-surgical treatment, the fat is extracted from the patient’s own body and is injected in the sunken areas of the middle face to provide volume to the cheeks.

However, cheek implant surgery is carried for the people who wish to have permanent outcome. There are multiple options available for cheek implant in Dubai like:

Malar Implants – The implants are placed on the cheekbones through the surgical procedure to provide higher projection to the cheeks.

Submalar implants – The implants are placed in the sunken areas to provide fuller cheeks.

Combination of both implants – Both malar and submalar implants are used to enhance the appearance of both cheek as well as cheekbones

Pre-op Preparation

During the initial consultation with our plastic surgeon in Dubai, patients are briefly explained about the treatment procedure and its outcome. Then, our doctor carries out physical examination of the patients in order to know his/her current health status and whether the person is suffering from any health related problems or not. There are certain instructions given by the surgeons in order to ensure that the person going for the cheek augmentation receives the best outcome from the treatment. Some common instructions given by the doctor are:

•Avoid smoking and drinking, as it might affect the healing process
•Anti-inflammatory medications and supplements must be strictly avoided
•Essential to follow the given diet regimen

Implant Procedure

The cheek implant procedure is quite simple and it hardly takes around forty-five minutes to one and a half hour time for our experienced surgeon to carry out the treatment. The implant procedure is initiated with the administering of local anaesthesia. The surgeon then make a small incision either inside the mouth at the lips and gums meeting area or just below the eyelashes depending upon the area where the implant has to be placed. A pocket is created to ideally place the implant, which is carefully inserted into the pocket. The implant is then sutured to an internal facial feature that lies deep inside the skull. Finally the incision is stitched.

Implant Benefits

Not everyone in this world is lucky to born with a perfect and balanced face, though everyone wishes to look good and presentable. Thus, people who are lacking confidence or self-respect due to flaws in their face must opt for the cheek implants at our clinic in Dubai that come with several benefits. It not only improves facial appearance and contours but also help to boost confidence and self-esteem. The treatment comes with minimal or temporary side effects that usually go away with time and moreover this is an extremely safe procedure that gives permanent results.