Chin Augmentation/Implants

chin augmentation in Dubai

Bone structure is essential to an important part of an attractive, balanced face. Chin implants can improve this underlying structure, and better balance the facial features for a dramatically more attractive look. This operation is often performed at the time of rhinoplasty to help to balance the facial proportions. It may be combined with facelift, liposuction or other facial implants as well.

A small or weak chin gives undefined appearance to necks and offer a pouty expression to the lower face. It also enhances the size of the normal nose, making it look big in the profile view. If you are also one among the many who wants to go for chin augmentation in Dubai then Mc Body Clinic will just be the right option for you. This renowned and prestigious plastic and cosmetic surgery clinic of Dubai holds great expertise in several cosmetic surgeries treatment and are served by some highly expert and experienced plastic and cosmetic surgeons. This eminent clinic based in Dubai will efficiently carry out the chin augmentation leaving you with a well-defined chin that adds proportion, creates symmetry and provides balance to your facial features.

Individuals benefiting from Chin-augmentation

Individuals who are in good health and have realistic expectation from the chin augmentation procedure are considered ideal to go for the treatment. Chin augmentation is usually opted by individuals with the following facial deformities:

• Having undefined neck
• Having receding chin
• Having prominent nose
• Having Congenital or post-traumatic defects

Objectives Double Chin Treatment

Chin augmentation is opted by individuals to enhance facial contours by giving volume to weak or smaller chin and by improving structure of a receding chin. This cosmetic treatment also adds definition to the jaw and balances other facial features.

Chin Augmentation Techniques

We at, Mc Body Clinic, carry out both surgical and non-surgical chin augmentation procedures, which is usually decided based upon the person’s expectation from the treatment and based on the patient’s requirements. Our surgeons have expertise and proficiency in both the treatment procedures and have satisfied quite a large number of people from all over.

The non-surgical treatment procedure executed by our plastic surgeons include:

Fillers – Fillers are injected in the chin to provide volume and improve its contours. Fillers prove to be good alternative for people who want to see potential effects of a chin augmentation.

Fat Injections – Another non-surgical procedure adopted for chin augmentation is the fat injection, in which fat is taken from the person’s own body and is injected in the chin area to provide volume and enhance its appearance.

The surgical chin augmentation treatment carried out at our clinic include:

Chin Implants in Dubai

Chin augmentation through chin implant surgery brings the facial features into harmony and balances the overall facial structure. A chin implant enhances the contours, creates a more pleasant facial expression, lengthens the neck and results in a more defined and sculpted jawline. Available in various shapes and sizes chin implant can be used alone or in conjunction with other facial procedures to provide symmetry and give balance to face. In the long term the implant get attached to the jawbone and it cannot be dislodged by physical contact, sports or facial expressions. Chin implant surgery is often suggested to people who are looking for long-lasting or permanent results and is quite popular among the people who wish to improve weak or recessed chin. This simple and straightforward procedure adds volume and structure to the jaw and brings proportion back to the face without altering the person’s natural anatomy.

Genioplasty – Genioplasty or surgical reshaping of the jawbone is another treatment option that is carried out to enhance recessed chin. Though it is a complex procedure and is generally used for correction of deformities or in case of severe receding of chin that cannot be improved with chin augmentation or chin implants.

Pre-Operative Preparation of Chin Implants

Before going for chin augmentation surgery, patient is examined by the doctor to ensure that he/she is physically fit to undergo the treatment. Our doctors also advised few precautions which the patient has to keep in mind and follow to have a smooth recovery process and avoid any complication in their treatment. Some of the instructions given by our doctor include:

  • Avoid drinking and smoking, as both alcohol and nicotine slow down the recover process.
  • Discontinue use of any anti-inflammatory medicines and supplements
  • The prescribed medication should be regularly taken
  • Follow the recommended diet regimen

Chin Augmentation Procedure

Our experienced and expert surgeons perform the chin augmentation surgery in a simple and easy procedure that hardly takes around 40-45 minutes. The surgical process starts with administering of local anesthesia after which a small incision beneath the chin is made by the surgeon. The implant is then inserted and held in place by either attaching it the the soft tissue or bone or well placing the implant in the well fitted pocket. Lastly the incision is closed with stitches that complete the surgical procedure of chin augmentation.