Common Dental Procedures Performed at Mc Body Clinic

Around the globe, a handful of people pay attention towards oral dental health and know different kinds of dental procedure. Reason being, few people think that dental procedures involve a lot of pain and others think undergoing dental surgery is not important for maintaining overall well-being. However, the fact is taking care of oral health is as important as taking care of other body parts. Moreover, not all dental conditions demand surgery; some conditions are easy to treat with pain-free procedures. Let’s take a look at some of the dental conditions which get treated in pain-free manner.
Common Dental Procedures
Extractions – The process of removing an ailing tooth is known as extraction. It is done when the tooth cannot be repaired with other dental procedures. As compared to crown and root canal, it is less expensive.
Filling – Filling is one of the most common dental procedures which is used to fill simple cavity. The cavity is filled with white composite material or with silver metal and seals off the tooth.
Crowns – When a tooth is chipped, broken or severely decayed, it is fixed with crown, also known as cap. A Crown is referred as permanent covering which sits over entire tooth, lying above the gum line. Usually made with metal or porcelain, sometimes combination of the same, after grinding down the decayed tooth, crown is put in place.
Root Canal – If any tooth is decayed till the roots, root canal procedure is performed. A hole is drilled in the middle of the tooth to see through roots and pulp material. All existing material is cleared and fills with permanent filling.
Smile makeover, veneers, gingival disease treatment, etc., are some other dental procedures which are performed by experienced dentist only. The expert team of dentist usually comprise of general dentist, endodontist, orthodontist and periodontist. The individual dentists possess expert knowledge of their domain and perform the surgery with precision. Mc Body Clinic is a Dubai based clinic and houses the specialized team of dentist, who perform all these tasks in precise manner with 100% success rate. So, if you are facing any dental problem, book your appointment today.

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