An experienced dentist recommends dental filing when teeth damaged takes place due to decay or infection. The filling is done for preventing further decay. The general procedure of dental fillings is removing the decay, cleaning the affected site and filling the cavity with different kinds of materials like porcelain, gold, silver, resin, etc. The factors like the extent of the decay, allergies, cost, etc., determine the best kind of filling material for a person. Additionally, the dental filling material ensures to restore the functionality and original shape of the affected tooth.

In a few cases, when the decay reaches the nerves, then a dentist recommends root canal treatment. During root canal treatment also, infected and inflamed pulp tissues are removed clearly before making a new filling. A permanent white filling is done when a tooth undergoes root canal therapy for restoring it.

Primarily, the experienced dentists of Mc Body Clinic check the condition of tooth decay with a dental x-ray and other special instruments. On the basis of reports and other medical factors, they recommend the right kind of dental filling.

Different Kinds of Dental Fillings

  • Amalgam Fillings are a combination of several materials like tin, silver, mercury and copper. It is an inexpensive filling but strong enough to restore the functionality of an affected tooth. These fillings are darker in color, therefore used for filing the teeth present in the back of the mouth.
  • Composite Fillings are white colored filings of resin and silica. Because these fillings are white in color, therefore give a natural appearance. This filling material is suitable for small fillings and generally lasts for 3 years or more.
  • Gold Fillings are quite durable and are custom made. These filings are laboratory-made and afterward cemented into the desired place. Gold fillings go well into gum tissues; therefore they stay for 10 years or more. These fillings are expensive and require multiple visits to fit into place.
  • Porcelain Fillings are custom made fillings and are known as onlays and inlays as well. They are cheaper alternatives to gold fillings, look aesthetically appealing and hard to distinguish from the natural tooth.

Mc Body Clinic: The Perfect Dental Destination in Dubai 

Whether you are looking for dental fillings or dental implants, Mc Body Clinic promises to offer the right dental treatments for your beautiful smile. The dental filling is one of the most common dental procedures at our Dubai based clinic, therefore skilled dentists ensure to complete the process fast and in painless manner. For knowing the right kind of dental filling in your case, fix an appointment today!