Hollywood Smile Design Dubai

Smile makeovers are in trend these days. The dental cosmetic treatment usually boosts confidence of people by improving their overall appearance. Some people opt for this treatment in order toobtain Hollywood smile whereas others find it is the best way to resort with discolored and misaligned teeth. Smile makeovers are done in numerous ways however the most sought-after aesthetic dentistry procedure is veneers. At UAE based Mc Body Clinic, we promise to impart Hollywood smile to Dubai as well as international based patients with our dental veneers.

What is Dental veneers?

Porcelain or Emax Veneers is a cosmetic dental procedure which improves position, shape and color of teeth. Anybody who is encountering with problems like teeth misalignment, chipped or uneven teeth, broken teeth, wide space between teeth, etc., can regain beautiful and refreshing Hollywood smile after this dental cosmetic treatment. In the dental veneers, outer surface of the tooth is grind and a thin layer of porcelain is fitted over it. Composite and porcelain are two types of veneers. Porcelain veneers, also referred as porcelain laminate, is a process in which thin wafer like layers are used for covering cracks in teeth and ensure teeth whiteness. In functionality, composite veneersare similar to porcelain veneers, however it is cheaper and less durable than latter.

Advantages of Emax veneers

• The treatment is quite affordable
• It is durable in nature as lasts for 15 -20 years
• It does not requires much maintenance if patients are practicing good oral habits

Why Hollywood Smile Design from Mc Body Clinic?

Unlike other service providers, the leading Dubai based dental clinic, Mc Body Clinic aims at offering customized solutions for its each patient. Before performing surgery, several factors are considered like patients’ facial appearance, hair color, skin tone, etc. Prior to procedure, the expected results and complications are discussed with patients. Our clinic is well-equipped with the latest technology which is further compliment by unbeatable knowledge of experienced dentists.Our experienced dentists recommend the best cosmetic dental procedure to patients after examining their cases thoroughly. Post-treatment customized care plan is designed considering their oral habits. Regular check-ups are conducted to identify the position of veneers.

So, if you are looking for long-lasting and satisfactory results of dental veneers, book an appointment at Mc Body Clinic. Regaining lost smile at your face by offering Hollywood smile design at our Dubai based clinic is a cakewalk for our experts! So, why you are stopping yourself? Book an appointment today for seeking expert consultation!