Facial Thread Lift Clinic in Dubai

With the advancement in technology, now patients are looking for less painful, less invasive

and expensive procedures to regain their facial beauty and attractiveness. Facial thread lift is one of the newest approach of achieving facial tightness and youthful skin without surgery. Being considered as a non-invasive procedure, the surgery is ideal for those males and females who are observing minimal signs of facial aging in areas like jaw and cheeks and sags and folds.
A Sneak Peak about Facial Thread Lift
As compared to other face lift techniques, the thread face lift surgery creates tiny incision and different kinds of threads for repositioning a person’s face. A small cut is made at patient’s face and then with the help of special kind of surgical threads, the surrounding tissues are tightened which thereby increase blood supply and production of collagen. The end result is firmer and healthier skin. The immediate results of the surgery are firm and smoother skin. The procedure does not leave behind any scar and is performed within the time span of an hour or two.

The recovery time is quite shorter as compared to other skin treatments like chemical peel or dermal fillers. Patients are advised to avoid heavy exercise for a few days. They are even recommended to eat soft food items which are easy to chew. Patients are allowed to resume their day-to-day activities after a week’s time of surgery
Hire Professionals for Experiencing Great Results
Are all surgeons trained to perform facial thread lift? The answer is NO. It is important to seek consultation from the right and experienced surgeon who have performed the thread lift surgery successfully. Reason being, thread lift is performed with different kinds of threads and not all threads suit to everybody. Thus, only experienced surgeon can tell which thread is suitable for a person after viewing his skin type and other important factors like age, illness record, etc.
Mc Body Clinic is one of the most reputed and well-acclaimed skin clinics in Dubai, UAE. The center houses trained and experienced surgeons, nurses and administrative staff who takes care of their patients adequately. Moreover, the center is equipped with modern machines and equipment in an endeavor to offer top-notch medical services to worldwide patients. So, if you are looking for non-invasive way to rejuvenate your skin, discuss your case with experienced surgeon of Mc Body Clinic and proceed accordingly.

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