Facial ThreadLift

Facial Thread Lift in Dubai 

It is a well-known fact that anti-aging treatment helps in improving the appearance of facial skin by removing wrinkles and frown lines. However, most of the people have this conception that only surgical methods constitute anti-aging treatments. But the fact is oflate, patients are asking for non-invasive procedures which have short recovery time, less painful and inexpensive. Facial thread lift is one such cosmetic procedure that adds volume to the facial contours by lifting and realigning sagging tissues. During this procedure, special surgical threads are placed under the skin, the tissues are tightened and lifted. The treatment basically aims at lifting, tightening, rejuvenating and redefining the facial appearance.

 Ideal Candidates for Facial ThreadLift

Those candidates who are experiencing the symptoms of premature aging and are not interested in going under the knife are ideal candidates for Threadlift. Premature aging symptoms are slight sagging or drooping in neck, jowls, cheeks, etc. Ideally, the procedure is meant for those males and females who are in their mid-30’s and 40’s.

Procedure of Facial Thread Lift

Depending upon the thread length and area of application, procedure may vary. Some surgery is performed with short suture i.e. threads shorter than 90mm whereas some with long suture i.e. thread longer than 90mm. In Dubai, jawline reshaping, lower face area, mid-face, cheek area, neck area, etc., are treated with short suture. On the other hand, eyebrow lifting and neck lifting are done with long sutures.

The normal procedure usually takes 30 minutes time in which local anesthesia is applied. A suture is inserted with the help of fine needles in the skin. After application of suture, skin tissues are compressed for improving the facial contours. Once the skin is lifted as well as reshaped, the remaining portion of sutures outside the skin are removed.

Different clinics in Dubai make use of different kinds of threads for performing the treatment. Reputed clinic like Mc Body Clinic makes use of quality Silhouette thread for skin lifting. The qualified surgeons of the clinic make use of this thread to stimulate the production of collagen in the skin. Owing to the fact, the patients get the best result when they undertake ThreadLift treatment in this Dubai clinic.

Thread Lift Prices in Dubai

As compared to other surgical procedure like Facelift, the ThreadLift Prices charged by Dubai based clinic is quite low. However, it is prudent to seek consultation from reputed surgeon or clinic before taking final decision.

 Mc Body Clinic – A Reputed Center for Thread Lift Facial Surgery

In Dubai, several clinics are offering the treatment, but it is important to seek consultation from expert clinic like Mc Body Clinic. The surgeons of the clinic are highly trained and qualified to analyze whether the candidate is suitable for this cosmetic procedure or not. For more details, seek appointment today.