A Fact File about Root Canal Therapy

Endodontic treatment, also known as a root canal therapy,

is performed when the pulp becomes inflamed or infected.  The pulp is centre part within the tooth that houses nerves, blood vessels and living connective tissues. Instead of extracting damaged tooth, the procedure is performed to save badly infected tooth. The common causes of infected tooth vary from cavity, gum disease to broken teeth. All these causes lead to pulp inflammation and thereby resulting in infection and pain. Sometimes, patients experience excruciating pain while sometimes pain subsides.

Many people become anxious when they came to know they need to undergo root canal therapy. It is because they have heard many harrowing stories regarding this treatment. However, the fact is far from these stores. So, let’s uncover some of the popular facts about root canal treatment.

  • It is not a painful treatment. Thanks to effective anaesthetic agents and advancements taken place in the field of endodontics, the procedure is relatively less painful. The main objective of seeking the treatment is to remove the source of pain, which is an infected pulp. Even after procedure, if patients feel pain and discomfort, pain killers are prescribed by specialists.
  • Many people believe that extraction is better alternative than root canal. However, the fact is if the procedure is performed by root canal specialists like professionals of Mc Body Clinic, the restored tooth last for several years.
  • The condition of the tooth actually determines number of visits at dental clinic. In most of the cases, the procedure gets completed in 2-3 visits.
  • The procedure is quite effective provided performed by expert endodontist. It is because the root canals in the root of the tooth should be cleaned and sealed off with precision and only experienced endodontist performs the desired task with accuracy.
  • Root canal therapy is an expensive procedure. However, the fact is it is less expensive than tooth extraction and getting it replaced with bridge or crown.
  • Excruciating pain is not the only symptom which indicates that a person needs the therapy. Tenderness in the gums, darkening of the tooth, sensitivity to hot or cold, etc., are some of the common symptoms of infected or decayed tooth demanding immediate medical attention.

So, next time, if you feel pain in your tooth, do not avoid it; plan a visit at reputed Dubai based dental clinic like Mc Body Clinic and get it treated immediately.

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