Fatty Cell Draining


We are all born with a certain amount of fat cells (placed in layers throughout our bodies); depending on our lifestyle, genetics and metabolism these fat cells can either remain undeveloped or will grow. As such, some are fatter than others.

When our fat cells have been overdeveloped we become fat.


Mc Body offers permanent yes. That’s right! Permanent non-invasive fat reduction.

The machine simply is moved over the area of your body that you want slimming. The fat is melted and is eliminated through your body’s natural elimination process.  Depending on the amount of fat you want reducing determines the number of sessions needed.

This technology allows for a smooth outline without risk of lumps or grooves. Layers of fat are removed, very much like peeling an onion.

Traditional liposuction methods can cause irregularities as the cannula that is inserted into the body removes fat vertically, therefore if lines of fat are missed in between sections that have been treated lumps and bumps will appear.

The machine: B1 Sonic Fat Buster

B1 plus offers an exceptional non-invasive, painless, no side-effects and no risk of infection treatment with a good result of reduction of fat per session. With its unique feedback mechanism that controls the working parameters (rate of spread of speed of the sonic wave compression, temperature and deflection of the point of the biggest source efficiency) it’s technologically the best choice for advanced treatment for adiposities for the full body for big or small areas, which gives optimal results with an escalating patient satisfaction.