Gastric Sleeve Resection

gastric sleeve surgery DUBAI, UAE

The gastric sleeve surgery also known as sleeve gastrectomy is a weight loss surgery performed in 8 out of 10 weight loss cases by surgeons in United Arab Emirates. The procedure is preferred choice of surgeons not only in Dubai, UAE but worldwide also due to long lasting results coupled with less number of complications. Every year in Mc Body Clinic, a Dubai based clinic, hundreds of gastric sleeve surgery are performed with whooping success rate of over 90%.

Who all are eligible for the surgery?

Those people who are obese or have certain health problems due to which their body weight is continuously increasing are ideal candidates for the surgery. Moreover, those patients who have tried different treatments or remedies for reducing weight but unable to get any success are also ideal patients for the surgery.
The surgical procedure
Gastric sleeve is a laparoscopic surgery in which small four-five incisions of 5-10 mm on the abdomen is made. More than 50% of patient’s stomach is removed. The new stomach is created which is in thin tube or “sleeve-shaped” and closed with the surgical staples. It is a non-reversible approach. The surgery results in weight loss due to following reasons:
•Reduced stomach size encourages limited food intake as stretchable part of the stomach is removed and left behind non-expandable part, thereby restricting overeating by patients.
•The surgery also results in reducing levels of hormones, which are primarily responsible for generating hunger. This hormone is known as Ghrelin.

Recovery from the surgery

At Mc Body Clinic, Dubai, gastric sleeve surgery is performed with minimal invasive technique therefore recovery period is not very long. Patients are discharged from the hospital in a day or two. After few hours of the surgery, they are advised to start drinking fluids and remain active by moving out of the bed for few minutes. In few patients, respirometer is used which minimizes the chances of infection or lung collapse. Patients may experience nausea and belly pain which is well-controllable by medications.
Surgeons at our clinic provide instructions to patients regarding what to eat and what to avoid. During first month of the surgery, the stomach is undergoing healing process therefore patients are advised to keep drinking water at regular intervals and take soft food in small quantity. Walk as much as possible as it would be the best form of exercise at this stage and promotes healing process. It is prudent to chew food well and do not indulge in overeating. Try avoiding condition of constipation and straining during bowel movement. In order to get the best result of the surgery, prefer taking limited yet healthy diet for six months. Else, patients will regain weight which will nullify the positive effects of the surgery.

Complications with Gastric Sleeve Surgery

The serious complications of the surgery like blood clots, infection at surgical site, staple line leaks, etc., appear in rare cases.
In a nutshell, it can be said for getting the best result of gastric sleeve surgery performed at Dubai based clinic, Mc Body Clinic, taking moderate diet and remaining physically active is equally important.
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