Get Ideal Body Weight with Adjustable Gastric Band Surgery

There are different ways of reducing body weight, however not all ways show the desired results

on everyone. For instance, some people are able to reduce weight by following strict exercise regimen and diet and few of them are not fortunate enough to get the desired body weight. For such people, weight loss surgery is only resort. Weight loss surgeries are quite successfully as they reduce the size of stomach due to which a person eats less and loses weight. Adjustable gastric banding is one such surgery that reduces food intake by restricting size of the stomach.

The surgery is not meant for everyone; a person whose BMI (Body Mass Index) is greater than 40 and have tried several other weight loss measures but remain unsuccessful is ideal candidate for the surgery.

Fast Facts on Adjustable Gastric Band Surgery

  • It is a kind of bariatric surgery which is minimally invasive and shows quick result.
  • During this procedure, an inflatable band filled with saline is placed around top of stomach. Due to presence of saline, it constricts the stomach and person feels fuller even after consuming lesser amount of food.
  • The surgery is performed with laparoscopy in which a small incision is made in the abdomen. It is a short-day procedure and does not involve pain.
  • The results are highly appreciable as a person reduces 35-40% of excess weight.
  • The surgery has low risk and is 100% reversible.
  • After the surgery, a person has to strictly consume liquid-only diet for minimum one month.

Being considered as the safest form of weight loss procedures, the procedure is gaining popularity amongst adults. Though, the surgery is performed by several surgeons around the globe, Dubai is one destination which houses some of the best and most experienced surgeons.

M Body Clinic is one of the most prestigious health care centers in Dubai, UAE performing hordes of surgeries. Adjustable gastric band surgery is also performed by surgeons on regular basis on several patients successfully. A team of doctors analyze the medical facts of patients and recommend whether he is an ideal candidate for the surgery or not. For knowing in detail about the surgery and cost involved, plan your visit to the center.

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