Get to Know Facts about Microneedling Before Opting for the Procedure

“Microneedling” is not an alien term for the healthcare industry of Dubai. It is one of the cosmetic procedures which have gained immense popularity amongst beauty lovers in the last few years. To put it simply, it is a minimally invasive dermaroller procedure that helps in making skin firmer, smoother and more toned. Small needles are used for pricking the skin and for generating new collagen in the skin, which eventually makes skin tissues smoother. It is quite an effective procedure used for treating various skin concerns like wrinkles, large pores, scars, skin pigmentation issues, etc.

People have different notions for microneedling. Some think it is as same as at-home microneedling whereas others believe it is completely painless procedure. Let’s throw a light on some of the facts related with the collagen induction therapy.

Fact 1: At-home microneedling is different from medical microneedling. Although, both treatments make use of miniscule needles for puncturing the skin, difference actually lies in the length of the needle. At home, micro-rollers have small needles of 0.2 mm whereas professionals use dermarollers with needles length of more than 0.2mm.

Fact 2: It is not for everyone. Those people who have keloid scarring, unstable skin type, active acne and active skin infection are not ideal candidate for microneedling procedure. However, people with dark as well as light skin can opt for the treatment as it has high success ratio.

Fact 3: It is a painful procedure. When a person practices the procedure at home, it is completely painless due to small size of needles. In professional settings, much longer needles are used which cause pain when penetrated into the skin. Sometimes, even blood flushes out of the skin surface as well. Fortunately, dermatologists or cosmetic surgeons use numbing cream prior to the procedure which makes the procedure quite painless.

Fact 4: It is hard to get the visible results in one sitting. A person requires multiple sessions to get the toned, rejuvenated and firmer skin. In some cases, results are visible after 2 sessions whereas some may experience results after 4 sessions.

Fact 5: Microneedling is completely safe provided licensed and experienced professionals do it. For instance, professionals of Mc Body Clinic, a renowned skin clinic in Dubai, have been performing the microneedling procedure successfully on both national and international patients.

So, if you are thinking to take the procedure to make your skin beautiful and firmer, fix an appointment with professionals of Mc Body Clinic today!

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