Gingival Depigmentation


With time, mouth’s gums become discolored or pigmented due to excess deposition of melanin. Sometimes, entire gums are affected whereas in few cases just patches of the gums affected from this condition known as gum pigmentation. Although, the condition does not cause any life-threatening disease, it does affect quality of the smile and life. For getting relief from it, cosmetic dental procedure known as gum depigmentation is suggested by dental experts. Also referred as gum bleaching, it is one of the most effective treatments of gum pigmentation in Dubai and around the globe. Because the procedure removes dark spots of the gums and restores pink color, it is also referred as teeth whitening procedure.

Gum Depigmentation(gum bleaching) Dental Procedure

When the procedure is performed by dental experts of Mc Body Clinic, a famous dental clinic in Dubai, it gets completed within the time span of one hour. However, in few patients process gets over in 30-40 minutes when there is less deposition of melanin in both size and color. Because the procedure is performed by using the latest laser technology, therefore patients seldom experience any pain.

Some of the main benefits of Gum Whitening:

  • It is less invasive
  • Dark spots are removed, thereby making smile attractive
  • Recovery process is short
  • Long lasting results

Gum Depigmentation Treatment at Mc Body Clinic in Dubai

If you have ugly smile due to gum discoloration, opt for gum depigmentation treatment from reputed dental clinic—Mc Body Clinic. The clinic is known for offering hosts of teeth whitening procedures by using the latest technology and equipment. Moreover, the procedure is carried out by professional and experienced surgeons. So, what are you waiting for?