Gum Diseases: Seek Early Treatment to Enjoy Pain-Free Life

Not only teeth, even gums can cause a lot of trouble in your mouth and affect your oral condition. Without adequate treatment at the right time, gum diseases create deep pockets in the gums, destroy fibers and tissues that hold teeth into place and eventually lead to teeth loss. Gingivits, periodontics and advanced periodontics are three main categories of gum diseases in which former is the least severe and the latter is the most severe condition. Before moving ahead with its treatment, let’s uncover their main causes.
Causes of Gum Disease
Human’s mouth is a storehouse for bacteria. When we eat something, the bacteria along with mucus and other particles form colorless and sticky plaque on teeth. Some plaque is removed with brushing and flossing and which is not removed, they turn into tartar. This deposition of tartar gives rise to gum disease.
Treatment Options
The type of treatment is determined by severity of the gum disease. Irrespective of the treatment, the main goal of the condition is to control the infection. When gums are at Gingivitis stage, they turn swollen, red and show bleeding. Being considered as a mild form of gum disease, gingival diseases are treated easily with deep cleaning followed by regular brushing and flossing. Gingival depigmentation, gingival recountouring, etc., are other treatments opted for treating gingival diseases. Periodontics and advanced periodontics condition are treated with surgical treatments along with medications.
Thus, it is advised to meet with periodontist immediately if your gums are showing symptoms like bleeding and swollen gums, bad breath, loose and sensitive teeth, etc.
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