Gynecomastia Surgery: The Tested Procedure of Treating Enlarged Male Breast

Enlarged male breast, medically known as Gynecomastia is a condition in which breast swells up and becomes abnormally large.  All males

and females have breast glands; however these glands are not noticeable in males. The tissues become noticeable when they start swelling due to hormonal imbalance. Gynecomastia can occur either on one side or on both breasts of males. Besides hormonal imbalance, other possible causes of the condition are intake of antibiotics, anti-anxiety drugs, taking AIDS treatment, chemotherapy, etc. Pain, tenderness and swelling in breasts are common symptoms of the condition.

Different Treatment Options for Male Breast Reduction

Breast gland enlargement takes place in most of the males and boys either during birth or during puberty. It has been observed that 90% of the cases are resolved without taking any medications by adulthood. It is important to seek the treatment, when a person starts experiencing pain or tenderness in the breast. Drugs are recommended by health professionals for treating male breast enlargement. However, when the condition does not improve even after taking medications for continuous one year, it becomes pertinent to undergo gynecomastia surgery.

Facts about Gynecomastia Surgery

When medicines fail to show any improvement, excessive breasts tissues are removed with the help of surgery. The surgical process comprises of liposuction and direct excision technique. Fortunately, the gynecomastia surgery has high success rate as it restores shape of the male breast. Many people have notion that the surgery is quite expensive and lead to pain. But, it is not true. The surgery is not very expensive affair and it does not lead to acute pain. However, patients need to follow healthy lifestyle in order to keep their operated breasts in new shape.

Look for Best Surgeon for Getting Best Results

If you are really thinking about gynecomastia surgery, it is prudent to look for reputed and experienced cosmetic surgeon or clinic. In Dubai, Mc Body Clinic is rated as one of the most trustworthy clinics, where a number of cosmetic surgeries take place on a daily basis. The clinic employs some of the board certified surgeons who perform gynecomastia surgery with complete precision. They use modern equipment and technology to carry out the process successfully.

So, if you have any question before undergoing the male breast reduction surgery, it is a wise decision to consult with surgeons of Mc Body Clinic.

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