Happy Lift


This procedure is ideal for clients who do not yet need standard face lifting for their appearance adjustment and who just wish to enliven their faded face and refresh their appearance without any demanding operation.

The principle is based on introduction of very thin fibres with hooks under the face or cheek complexion with a thin needle. The hooks grasp the skin in its new position Happy Lift  fibres are designed for cheek lifting, jaw, neck, temple and forehead lifting, eyebrow rising, cheek fat modelling and correction of innate or post-traumatic face paralysis. Happy Lift fibres are absorbable and the lifting effect lasts for more than two years.

Advantages of Happy Lift

Only local anaesthesia without the need for hospitalization, you can go home soon after the intervention.

The straining effect is immediately visible and the original features of your face will remain preserved. The fibre is absorbable, of natural materials, and therefore does not introduce any foreign bodies into your body.

No scars

Happy Lift is performed in our outpatient clinic under local anaesthesia and takes 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the number of the treated areas.