HIFU: A Cost-effective Alternative to Surgical Face Lifting

The advancement of technology in the medical world gives plethora of choices to people to reverse aging symptoms and regain the youthfulness. Amongst several cosmetic procedures,

HIFU is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments that gives a refreshing look by encouraging the collagen production in the facial skin. Better known as High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound, HIFU is a FDA Approved and non-surgical procedure that helps in improving wrinkles and lines in the face and neckline area.

Steps Performed for Facial Rejuvenation

In order to perform HIFU, surgeons need not to make any special preparation. At the date of appointment, patients are advised to come to the clinic without using any skin care and make-up products. Even if they come with make-up, the HIFU procedure starts with cleaning the targeted area. Then, surgeons apply topical anesthetic cream and ultrasound gel on the targeted area. With the help of a handheld device, the targeted area receives ultra sound energy for short duration say for 60-90 minutes. Because ultrasound energy targets the skin below the surface, thus underlying tissues heal up rapidly by stimulating the production of collagen in the facial skin and results in firmer, tighter and wrinkle-free skin.

Benefits of HIFU Facial Treatment

Some of the aesthetic benefits of the High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Treatment are:

  • It is a non-surgical procedure, therefore no scars on incision made anywhere
  • It is a safe procedure when performed by qualified professionals
  • It is a clinically-proven and cost-effective treatment for restoring skin youthfulness
  • It results in reducing appearance of wrinkles
  • It ensures tightening the sagging skin on the neckline
  • It helps in facial features lifts like lifting the eyebrows, eyelids and cheeks
  • It evens the skin and enhances jawline
  • It is a painless procedure with quick and long lasting results

Visit Reputed Clinic for HIFU Treatment

Not every clinic in Dubai is proficient enough in offering HIFU treatment with high success rate. It is because not all professionals are qualified to perform the procedure. Thus, it is advisable to seek initial consultation by visiting a reputed and well-established skin center like Mc Body Clinic. The Dubai based clinic holds sound reputation in the healthcare industry for performing a number of cosmetic treatments with high success rate and HIFU is one amongst them. The trained and board-certified surgeons perform the procedure regularly by using advanced technology and state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities.  So, plan a visit at Mc Body Clinic if you want the quality skin care solutions.


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