Invisible Aligners

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Mc Body Clinic, a reputed Dubai based clinic, promotes healthy dental life, thus it offers the best quality of invisible aligners to Dubai as well as non-Dubai residents. Also known as Invisalign, they act as clear aligners and aim at straightening the teeth.  These aligners are considered as the best alternatives to traditional metal braces. Reasons are many; they are virtually invisible and comfortable plastic aligners, easily removable, easy to clean, no restriction regarding intake of any food item, fast recovery and demand less dental visit.

How Clear Orthodontic Aligners Works?

After evaluating the teeth condition of every patient, the custom-made Invisalign is prepared. Unlike braces, the clear aligners need to wear for 20-22 hours a day. A person can remove them during brushing, eating, drinking and flossing. A particular set of aligners is important to wear for two weeks and changing to another set after two weeks result in shifting the teeth into the desired place. It is necessary to visit the clinic at regular intervals of 6 weeks for tracking the progress in the treatment.

Teeth Problems Treated Successfully with Invisible Braces     

Any children or adult with crooked teeth and not satisfied with the results of traditional braces can opt for Invisalign. Besides straightening the teeth, clear and removable aligners also help in treating dental conditions like crossbite, underbite, overbite, gaping in teeth and crowded teeth.

Invisible Braces—Suitable for Everyone

Whether you are a child or an old age person, you can use invisible or clear aligners for correcting misaligned teeth. These aligners are made from plastic material, therefore they are absolutely comfortable to wear. Moreover, they are customized as per the dental situation and the teeth’s shape of the patients. With the passage of time, they help in achieving an ideal position of the teeth by reducing the gap. In order to get the desired results, it is advisable to wear them as long as possible.

Cost of Invisalign in Dubai

As compared to traditional braces, the cost of clear orthodontic aligners is on the higher side. In Dubai, the average cost of Invisalign lies between AED 14000 to 25000. An experienced dentist considers several factors like number of aligners required, extent of the alignment, etc., before determining the actual cost of the clear aligners. Thus, the cost may vary from one case to another.

Mc Body Clinic- A Reputed Dental Clinical Center, Dubai

The cost of invisible aligners or Invisalign varies from one clinic to others in Dubai. However, if you visit Mc Body Clinic, we assure you to offer the best possible rates. Flexible payment plans, treatment from board certified dental experts, in-house dental lab and proved track record of treating national and international patients successfully are some of the reasons that give our clinic an upper edge over others. Moreover, we issue a set of instructions to all our patients that use clear aligners so that the patients get the quality results for the long duration.

In order to know whether you are the right candidate for Invisalign, seek consultation today!