Lighten the Discolored Teeth with Zoom Teeth Whitening Procedure

Discolored or stained teeth often become matter of embarrassment for many people. Everyone desires for white and bright teeth<!–more–> but bad drinking habits, smoking and aging process darken the teeth with time. With the advancement in technology, it becomes quite easier to whiten discolored teeth with the zoom teeth whitening process.

Procedure of Zoom Teeth Whitening

Before starting with the procedure, professional dentist will conduct extensive teeth and gums examination of patients for ensuring proper health. This will give crystal clear idea to dentist whether this teeth whitening procedure leads to desired results or not.

Primarily, teeth and gums covered for protection before application of the hydrogen peroxide gel. Afterwards, the teeth are exposed to ultraviolet light i.e.” Zoom” light. This procedure results in breaking the stains of the teeth and thereby brightens the teeth. In order to reduce sensitivity, gels applied on the teeth.

Who are the Right Candidates for Zoom Whitening Procedure?

The dental treatment is right for those people who have:

  • Unrestored teeth with healthy gums and no fillings
  • Insensitive teeth and gums
  • No allergy to peroxide

Even the treatment is not recommended to pregnant or breastfeeding ladies.

Benefits of Zoom Teeth Whitening Procedure

  • Patients experience immediate results as the teeth get whiten to a great extent
  • The results of the teeth whitening procedure last up to six months without any need of touch-up treatments
  • The entire procedure gets completed within the time frame of less than one hour
  • Most of the patients experience slight discomfort after the treatment which usually goes away with the passage of time.

Precautions Necessary to Follow after the Procedure

It is advisable to drink less tea, coffee, red wine and food items like curry for a few months as they result in the staining of the teeth. Even using the whitening toothpaste helps in maintaining the result for over one year.

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