Liposuction in Dubai

Liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the world. Also referred as fat removal surgery and lipoplasty, it belongs to group of body-contouring procedures. In this surgery, unwanted fat is removed from the body areas. Employing several techniques, this procedure can be done in one contour area or in multiple areas of the body.

From quite a long time, a number of patients in the Middle East is opting for this plastic surgery in order to improve their overall appearance. A number of clinics in Dubai are offering this surgery and Mc Body Clinic is one amongst them. With time, a lot of technological advancements have been taken place in liposuction surgery and at our Dubai based Mc Body Clinic, we ensure to offer the best treatment with safety and minimal hospitalized time.

Leg & Abdomen Liposuction Surgery in Dubai

Liposuction surgery performed at our clinic is performed by experienced and professional surgeons. Our surgeons are specialists in performing surgeries in various areas of the body ranging from Leg, waist, abdomen, buttocks and hips, upper arms, chest area, etc.  As per patients’ requirements, our team of specialists is competitive enough in performing the surgery alone as well as in combination with different cosmetic procedures like breast reduction, facelift surgery, etc. Any man or woman who is in good health, good medical condition, do not smoke, not taking any blood thinning medicine and facing problem of excess fat deposit in certain parts of the body due to underlying medical conditions are good candidates for the surgery.

It is a simple procedure which is performed under anesthesia. Surgeons will make some minor incisions at the few areas of the body. After this, a small cannula i.e. thin hollow tube is inserted via incision and moved back and forth for removing the excess fat. The excess fat is thereafter is removed from the body via syringe. Once the excess fat is removed, incisions are closely stitched and absorbent dressings are placed on wounds.

Advantages of seeking consultation of Liposuction Surgery from Mc Body Clinic

  • Our plastic surgeons will give you a fair idea of cost involved in liposuction surgical procedure at their very first visit in our clinic.
  • Detailed information about the surgical procedure, techniques used, recovery time period, risk involved, expected results from the surgery, precautions need to follow pre and post-surgery, possible side-effects of the surgery, total duration of the surgery are provided to customers in advance.
  • Modern equipment and technology is used while performing the surgery.

So, if you are really seeking for expert opinion for liposuction surgery, no need to look further than Mc Body Clinic. We are simply a phone call distance away from our patients!