Mc Body Clinic, Dubai offers Quality Dental Crowns and Bridges Treatment

Dental bridges and crowns are considered as prosthetic devices which are used to fill gaps or replace

missing teeth. Both are categorized under cosmetic treatment and cemented onto existing implants or teeth. Unlike dentures, a layman cannot remove it and clean it on a regular basis; crown or bridges can only be removed by dentist instead. Made from ceramics or porcelain, these are custom made as per color and shape of the teeth of an individual. Despite being counted as artificial devices, there is a significant difference between the two. Let’s figure out those differences.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are considered as simple cosmetic solution and used to address less serious dental problems. For instance, if a tooth is weakened or cracked, crown or cap is used to undo the damage. Also known as cap, it is basically used for restoring the teeth without actually removing it. Placed over damaged tooth, crowns are generally made from metal and gold alloys.

Dental Bridges

For addressing severe teeth problems like missing tooth or want to remove a damaged tooth, the required gap is filled successfully by bridges. The teeth which are present on either side of damaged teeth act as bridge and use to connect the bridge in the mouth. The teeth present on either side are also filled to ensure that bridge is fixed appropriately. These are made from materials like resin, ceramic, gold or porcelain and solve the purpose for years and years.
How Long They Last?

If a person practices good hygiene, crowns and bridges last for lifetime. But, sometimes problem do occur and bridge lose its support and get damaged. For instance, by chewing hard food items like ice, etc., new bridge or crown gets damaged. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid these items and keep brushing and flossing on regular basis. Visit to dentist once in six months for professional cleaning and regular check-ups is also recommended.

So, if you are looking for reputed dental clinic in Dubai either for regular check-up or fixing any dental problem, Mc Body Clinic is a way to head towards. The leading Dubai based clinic is known world-wide for offering quality healthcare treatment and employing board-certified surgeons. For detailed knowledge, plan your visit today.

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