Ear Surgery in Dubai

Ear reshaping is considered as a suitable option for those patients who are unhappy with their ear shape and size or proportion. Otoplasty, commonly referred as ear pinning or ear reshaping surgery, is a cosmetic procedure of improving proportion, shape and placement of the ear. The surgery is performed to correct birth defects of protruding ears along with other ear related problems. The protruding or prominent ears are outcome of defect in ear’s cartilage. Genetics play a significant role in protruding ears. Being considered as a safe procedure, this condition is quite prevalent in adults as well as children. Fortunately, with the help of Otoplasty, ear deformities are easy to alter. Mc Body Clinic, a Dubai based clinic, has been treating several cases of ear reshaping successfully since its inception.

Who should go for Ear Surgery?

The surgery is suitable for those:
•Who are unhappy with their either too small or too large ear shape or appearance
•Having uneven shape of the ear, which is the outcome of any injury or accident
•Whose ears are sticking out very far away from the head
•Who have drooping ears
•Oversized or undersized ear lobes

The Cosmetic Procedure of Ear Surgery

Being considered as an outpatient procedure, the surgery lasts for 1-2 hours. The surgery is performed under local anesthesia. The surgeon makes a cut either in the neutral fold or in the hidden folds of ear. With the help of incision, excess cartilage is either removed or inserted depending upon the alterations required. Once it is done, initial cut are stitched using sutures. After the surgery, patients can expect natural looking results.

Recovery Time in Ear Surgery

The patients are allowed to go to their home at the very same day after bandaging their head. The bandage needs to wear for minimum three days. The recovery period may vary from patient to patient but it is believed that the patients may resume their routine activities after a week. The complete and permanent results of the surgery will be visible within two weeks of the surgery.
For pain and discomfort, medicines are prescribed. Application of ice packs will help in providing relief from swelling. Initially, patients are advised to take as much as rest with little involvement in physical activity like light walk to ensure blood flow. Strenuous activities and exercises are strictly avoided for few weeks. It is critical to keep head elevated while sleeping and resting and do not rest your head against your treated ear till the further instructions by surgeons.

Visit Mc Body Clinic in Dubai for Best Results

For getting the best result of Otoplasty, it is pertinent to book an appointment at experienced and acclaimed surgeon or clinic. Mc Body Clinic, UAE Dubai based clinic, has earned a distinguished reputation in the field of cosmetic surgery. Owing to the fact, patients from around the globe visit the clinic for seeking treatments of uneven shaped or bad looking ears. So, if you want to obtain value for money services, contact qualified team of doctors at Mc Body Clinic.