Oxygen Facial: An Effective Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

It is a fact that no beauty product can bring back lost natural glow on the facial skin. The facial skin demands proper and timely care for rejuvenation.

Some factors like ageing are beyond human control; therefore appearance of fine and wrinkles is an irreversible process. However, every woman must make necessary efforts to reduce its effect by opting for an advanced and effective cosmetic treatment, Oxygen facial.

Oxygen facial is becoming a hot trend in the beauty industry that detoxifies the skin and brings back youthful glow by promoting the production of collagen. The facial is done with hand-held device where pressurized and pure oxygen along with vitamins, essential nutrients, minerals and botanical extracts are penetrated onto the deep layers of the skin. The technique helps in repairing and regenerating damaged cells.

Benefits of Oxygen Facial

  • The beauty treatment soothes and repairs the upper layer of the skin
  • It nourishes the skin with moisturizer, vitamins, serum and antioxidants
  • It boosts new cell growth and collagen production which brings instant glow to the skin
  • The process heals acne by shrinking the size of pores and does not allow dust and dirt accumulation
  • It is suitable to use on all skin types
  • The face look bright and supple as it also helps in treating uneven skin tone
  • The results are instant and women can start their normal skin care regimen on immediate basis.
  • It has long lasting results

The cost of the facial varies from one skin clinic to another.  However, it is always a wise idea to go to a reputed skin clinic in Dubai if a woman wants quality results in one sitting.

Mc Body Clinic – The Reputed Skin Clinic in Dubai

Mc Body Clinic is one of the most reputed skin clinic centers in Dubai offering Oxygen facial and other cosmetic skin treatments that make skin refreshed and rejuvenated in no times. Experienced and trained professionals perform the facial that reduces wrinkles and fine lines and regains the lost glow in few sittings only. Depending upon the skin condition and results expected, the number of sitting for the treatment may vary from one person to another. Accordingly, the cost will vary. So, fix your appointment today with the professionals of Mc Body Clinic and get much desired glow to the skin by Oxygen Facial.

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