Post-Operative Care Ensures Long Lasting Results after Otoplasty Surgery

Cosmetic ear surgery, medically known

as Otoplasty is a surgical procedure of changing position, size and shape of the ears. Sometimes due to birth defects or injury, ears may appear too small or large or disproportionate. So, with the help of ear enhancement surgery, ear deformities can be corrected adequately.

The surgery is performed within the time span of one hour and shows quite positive results. However, In order to get long lasting result from the surgery, it is important to follow post-operative instructions carefully so that your ears heal properly and with time.

Some of the important instructions given by surgeons are:

  • Avoid rubbing or touching ears. You might feel itching on incision lines after surgery and feel like touching or rubbing it. However, it is important to be extra careful and avoid touching or rubbing ears for few weeks. Even sleeping on the back is recommended so that no pressure is put on ears.
  • You might observe small discharge coming out of ear. The fluid usually comprises of thick and red tinged. Do not panic after observing the fluid. Make sure that it does not enter the ear canal so try to wipe it out with cotton swab.
  • Swelling is quite a common phenomenon after surgery. In order to minimize swelling, keep your head little elevated while sleeping. Usually, swelling goes after one or two months. While awake, avoid bending over as this may increase the chances of bleeding.
  • For the first weeks, ears remain numb thus they remain unaffected with extreme temperature. Once, you start feeling sensitivity, avoid prolonged sun exposure.
  • A healthy diet comprising of vitamins and minerals play significant role in speeding up the healing process. So, include adequate amount of vitamins and minerals and if you feel uncomfortable in chewing solid food, prefer liquid diets.

Another important factor to consider is seek consultation from reputed clinic before undergoing any surgery. is one of the most reputed surgical centers in Dubai, UAE where qualified surgeons perform Otoplasty successfully on both young and adults’ patients. Primarily, they undergo medical history of patients, examine ear anatomy and accordingly suggest surgery. So, if you are really thinking to undergo this surgery, do not look further than Mc Body Clinic.

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