PRP Treatment in Dubai

PRP, abbreviated form of Platelet Rich Plasma, is a therapy that helps in treating a number of medical conditions in non-operative manner. Plasma, an important component of the blood, contains special proteins that are quite helpful in clotting the blood and supporting cell growth. The PRP injections are inserted into damaged tissues for stimulating the body to grow healthy and new cells and promote healing process. The PRP injections have been used for treating a medical condition, osteoarthritis. The injections are used for treating other medical conditions like:

  • Hair Loss – It has been proved that the PRP injections are quite effective in treating male and female pattern baldness. The protein present in the plasma when injected in the scalp helps in strengthening the hair follicles.
  • Acute Injuries– Doctors opine that the PRP injections show magnificent results in treating acute sports injuries like knee sprains, pulled hamstring muscles, etc.
  • Tendon Injuries – Chronic tendon problems like tennis elbow, pain in the patellar tendon in the knee, jumper’s knee are few tendon injuries treated with PRP injections.
  • Skin rejuvenation – The injections even show visible changes with regard to skin tone, texture and color

In Dubai, PRP therapy is commonly used for treating male and female hair loss. Mc body Clinic is one of the most reputed clinics in Dubai, UAE where several patients suffering from baldness are treated with this process successfully.

Ideal candidates for PRP Therapy in Dubai

Anybody who is experiencing the problem of hair loss or hair loss is in progression phase and seeking a minimally invasive procedure for strengthening the existing thinning hair can bank upon the therapy. The treatment is not recommended for those individuals who have completely lost all hair as the treatment does not help in growing new hair.

PRP Therapy Process

Patients are asked to come one or half an hour before their scheduled time. A sample of blood is taken depending upon the site where injection needs to be given. For instance, when the injected site is scalp, 20 milliliters of the blood is taken. The taken blood is placed into a centrifuge, which helps in separating plasma from the blood and its other components. Once the plasma gets separated, the selected plasma is taken into the injections and injected into the scalp.

Because the plasma is harvested from patient’s own blood, thus chances of any allergic reaction or side-effects seldom arise. Because the therapy has wide applications, thus it does make sense to consult your case with expert

 PRP Therapy in Dubai

If you think that you are ideal candidate for the PRP therapy for hair restoration, you can consult you case with a leading clinic of Dubai, Mc Body Clinic After studying detailed medical history of patients, he confirms whether he is ideal for the treatment. He even clarifies complete cost of the treatment to patients at initial consultation to avoid any confusion.