Radio frequency Treatment

Radio Frequency Treatment in Dubai

One cannot remain young forever. Fine lines, sagging skin and large pores are some of the inevitable signs of aging. Different people opt for different surgeries to reverse these symptoms. Some prefer going under the knife whereas other look for non-invasive yet effective cosmetic procedures. Radio Frequency Treatment performed in reputed clinics of Dubai is one of them. It is an effective, inexpensive and non-invasive way to get Radiofrequency fat removal, rejuvenated and youthful skin. The treatment is meant for both males and females.

Any male above 30 years can opt for the treatment whereas any female who is above 30 years of age and not pregnant and want to get rid from wrinkles and fine lines is an ideal candidate for the surgery.

Working of Radio Frequency Treatment

The entire treatment process needs 4-6 sessions for achieving the desired results. During the procedure, following steps are performed:

  • Skin is cleansed properly so that no traces of make-up or dust remain
  • Application of numbing cream to avoid discomfort
  • A radio frequency device, which is hand held is placed close to the skin
  • A frequency is set so that it touches the deep layer of the skin. This frequency converts into heat energy thereby removing the top most layer of the skin and boosting collagen production levels.
  • Patients start experiencing results after 3-4 sessions.

Expected Results from Radio Frequency Treatment of Dubai

The treatment is known for showing the best skin care results, which are as follows:

  • Formation of New Collagen – When radio frequency is converted into heat energy, production of natural collagen takes place.
  • Fights Acne – When heat suppresses the sebaceous glands, acne problems are treated.
  • Tissue Retraction – The heat waves instantly shrink the collagen fibers, thereby making the skin tight.
  • Improves Blood Circulation – The radio frequency also helps in improving lymphatic and blood flow and makes skin look radiant.

Post-Operative Care of rf treatment

The treatment is totally risk-free but patients may experience some mild side-effects which usually subside in a few days. In order to get desired results, patients need to follow certain post-operative precautions like:

  • Avoid direct exposure with sunlight
  • Wear sunscreen before stepping out in the sun
  • Avoid scratching the skin
  • Apply topical cream on regular basis

Cost of Radio Frequency Treatment

In Dubai, cost of radio frequency treatment varies from one clinic to another. However, there is no denying in the fact that reputed clinics like Mc Body Clinic perform the treatment at affordable cost.

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