Removable Partial Dentures


Dentures are counted as one of the best and safest ways to replace missing teeth and surrounding tissues. Complete and partial are two different kinds of false teeth dentures offered in various Dubai, UAE based clinics. As the name suggests, complete dentures are used to replace all teeth and removable partial dentures replace one or few teeth.

Removable Partial Dentures, Dubai

Partial dentures are used when few natural teeth are remaining in upper or lower jaw. These dentures help in filling spaces created by missing teeth with time and prevent the possibilities of teeth shifting. With the help of metal attachments, they are fastened to the natural teeth and thus help in maintaining tooth alignment. Acrylic, Valplast, Cast Metal, etc., are few different kinds of removable partial dentures used by orthodontists.

For Best Treatment, Choose Best Dental Clinic

In order to get the best results of partial dentures, visit to a leading dental clinic in Dubai is a must. Reason being, creating custom dentures and adjusting it perfectly is a complex process, which demands professional skills. In Dubai, UAE, Mc Body Clinic is labeled as one of the best clinics for dental treatments where all dental procedures are carried out by skilled and experienced orthodontists.

Primarily, they examine tooth condition accurately and take accurate measurements for molds, keeping in consideration the shape, fit and color of the teeth of the patients. Then, these dentures are adjusted ensuring smooth and comfortable fit. Patients are given complete instructions about how to maintain their new dentures, oral hygiene practices, when denture repair is required and when visit is required. It goes without saying that the cost involved during the procedure is disclosed at the first visit to maintain complete transparency.

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