Hemorrhoids (Piles) Surgery DUBAI

Piles, commonly known as hemorrhoids, are lumps or masses which are formed due to presence of swollen blood vessels in and around anus and rectum. When the condition reaches at severe stage, hemorrhoids protrude from the anus. This situation is known as prolapsed hemorrhoid and needs to be removed surgically. Hemorrhoidectomy is a surgical procedure used for treating or removing hemorrhoids. The procedure of stapled hemorrhoidectomy is performed for treating prolapsed hemorrhoids i.e. third and fourth-degree hemorrhoids. Dubai based Mc Body Clinic is known worldwide for offering the treatment of hemorrhoids to both domestic as well as international clients.

Procedure of Stapled Hemorrhoidectomy for Prolapsed Hemorrhoids

The procedure of stapled hemorrhoidectomy is performed when other minimal invasive treatments fail to show the desired results. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia. During the surgery, a circular stapling device is used by surgeons to cut off hemorrhoid tissue and lift back the hemorrhoid within the rectum. This results in ceasing blood supply to the hemorrhoid, thereby resulting in its shrinkage and dissolution.

Post-operative care of Piles Treatment in Dubai

The recovery time of the surgery usually varies from 2-3 weeks. Moreover, patients need to follow certain precautions in order to resume their day-to-day activities soon. Some of the precautions are:
•It is common to experience pain after surgery. Therefore, it is prudent to take prescribed medicines for getting relief from pain.
•Patients may experience some bleeding with the first bowel movement after surgery for a day or two. However, if the bleeding persists, seek surgeon consultation immediately.
•For few days, increase intake of liquid and bland diet which comprise of plain rice, bananas, etc. Gradually, start increasing intake of fiber in your diet.
•For getting relief from pain and swelling, application of ice packs is suggested.
•Avoid indulging in exercise or physical activity during few days
•Surgeons may recommend frequent soaks in sitz bath to get relief from muscle spasms.
•After 10-15 days, start with moderate exercise plan for seeing how your body reacts.
While walking or resuming your day-to-day activities, if you feel tired, take rest. Complete recovery from the surgery usually takes more than six weeks’ time. The success rate of hemorrhoidectomy depends a lot upon your eating and bowel habit. In very rare cases, it happens that hemorrhoids reappear after surgery.

Risk & Complications in Piles Treatment

Few complications like urinary retention, infection, bleeding and pain some of the complications associated with the surgery. Rare complications include blood clot in lung, anal stenosis, etc. However, very few patients experience serious complications.
The surgeons of UAE based Mc Body Clinic hold expertise in performing the surgery of stapled hemorrhoidectomy. For detailed information, call us now!