Teeth Whitening


Getting healthy and shining teeth are dream of every individual. However, with the appearance of stains on teeth, they lose their attractiveness and lower the self-esteem of individuals.  So, if you are looking for teeth whitening or cleaning dental clinic to regain your lost self-esteem, plan a visit at Mc Body Clinic and go back with white and sparkling smile! Mc Body Clinic is one of the most renowned teeth whitening dental clinic in Dubai offering hosts of dental treatments.

Teeth Whitening is a simple process of lightening the color of the teeth by removing stains which appear due to discoloration or intake of coffee, alcohol, tea or tobacco. Before starting the process of teeth whitening, if required teeth cleaning is done. At Mc Body Clinic, both the process is done by professional dentists. For teeth cleaning, different tools and processes are used for removing calculus or tartar from the teeth.  Scaling, root planning and medication are few ways used for cleaning the teeth. Once cleaning is done, teeth whitening process is followed. Need not to mention, both the process are safe and painless when performed by our expert team.

Who  should go for teeth whitening ?

Not every person would be considered as an ideal candidate for teeth whitening. Our dentist will evaluate the teeth thoroughly before suggesting the treatment. If a person is facing problems like bleeding gums, dental cavity, excessive fluorosis of the teeth, gum recession, etc., he would be considered as ideal candidate for teeth whitening.

Process of Teeth Whitening

Through dental cleaning and polishing, surface debris are removed. For protecting gums and lips during the treatment, gum shields and cheek retractors are applied. Before application of the special light, the whitening gels are applied on tooth surface. The teeth whitening products used by our professional contain peroxides of different concentration levels. Once they get in contact with teeth, the gels start penetrating into the enamel surface and further breaks down and release oxygen. The oxygen released spreads inside the teeth and makes them whiter

Time Duration and Price of Teeth Whitening in Dubai

The entire process gets completed in 3-4 cycles, which vary from 15-20 minutes each. However, the actual process of teeth whitening requires prior preparation of the teeth and gums which is a time consuming process. Patients may experience moderate or mild sensitivity during or after completion of the procedure, which will subside by the end of the day.  If patients have sensitive teeth, they are given pain medications before and after the treatment.

The effect of teeth whitening usually lasts for 2 years or so. However, if unhealthy lifestyle is followed like consuming a lot of cigarettes, red wines or coffee in a day, the stains will re-appear.

Precautions to follow after the procedure

It is believed that any food that can stain white shirt is capable of staining teeth as well. So, avoid consuming such food and use whitening toothpaste regularly twice in a day.

So, why are you wasting your valuable time? If you are looking for a reputed teeth whitening and clinic in Dubai, visit at Mc Body Clinic and get whiter teeth never before.