Thyroid Surgery Clinic in Dubai

A thyroidectomy (thyroid surgery) is an operation that involves the surgical removal of all or part of the thyroid gland. Surgeons often perform a thyroidectomy when a patient has thyroid cancer or some other condition of the thyroid gland (such as hyperthyroidism) or goiter. Other indications for surgery include cosmetic (much enlarged thyroid), or symptomatic obstruction (causing difficulties in swallowing or breathing). Thyroidectomy is a common surgical procedure that has several potential complications or sequel including: temporary or permanent change in voice, temporary or permanently low calcium, need for lifelong thyroid hormone replacement, bleeding, infection, and the remote possibility of airway obstruction due to bilateral vocal cord paralysis. Complications are uncommon when the procedure is performed by an experienced surgeon.

Why Thyroidectomy is performed?

In order to treat a number of disorders or diseases related to thyroid, thyroidectomy is performed. Some of the disorders treated with the surgery are:
Thyroid Cancer – Thyroid cancer is one disease, which is best treated with thyroidectomy.
Hyperthyroidism – Hyperthyroidism or overactive thyroid is a condition in which the thyroid gland produces excess hormone thyroxine. If anti-thyroid drugs and radioactive iodine therapy treatments are unable to show any positive outcome, thyroidectomy is considered as the last resort.
Non-cancerous enlargement of thyroid – Removing certain or entire part of the thyroid gland is the only option if a person has large goiter and facing breathing or swallowing problem or goiter leads to hyperthyroidism.

Methodology followed during thyroid surgery

The surgery is performed during general anesthesia and several machines are placed to regulate heart rate, blood oxygen and blood pressure during the surgery. A small or a series of incision is made at the center of the neck or some distance from the thyroid. After this, all or part of thyroid gland is removed. Basically, three approaches – conventional, endoscopic, robotic thyroidectomy are used while performing thyroidectomy depending upon the gland all or part of the gland needs to be removed. The surgeons at Mc Body Clinic perform the surgery with utmost caution and deliver the best results. The entire process of surgery takes several hours.

Recovery Time in thyroid surgery

The recovery time period after the surgery usually varies from 4-6 weeks. After the surgery, you may experience neck pain or weak voice. However, the pain will go away with the passage of time. Normal drinking and eating is allowed and patients are discharged from the centers or clinics in 24 hours. They can resume their day-to-day activities within 10 days or so, however for performing any specific activity, it is prudent to consult with surgeons first.
It is crucial to keep visiting your surgeon on periodic basis so that healing process of incisions can be checked and if any further treatment is required, it can be started without any delay. Moreover, on regular basis blood test is required for measuring thyroid levels.

Risks in thyroid surgery

Although, thyroidectomy is a complex yet safe procedure, there are slight chances of certain risks or complications like bleeding, infection, permanent weak voice due to nerve damage, etc.
So, if any surgeon in Dubai suggested thyroidectomy and you are interested in taking second opinion from experts, visit our center without any second thought. Here, best treatment is promised.