Weight Loss Surgeries: The Best Resort for Treating Morbid Obesity

Several clinical studies have proved that obese people are more prone towards diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and joint problems. Owing to the fact, people have become quite conscious when it comes to maintaining healthy body weight. Nowadays, obtaining slim and fat-free body has no more remained an unachievable dream. Several surgical as well as non-surgical treatments are available which help obese people to reduce excess fat.
Non- Surgical Treatment Options
Primarily, doctors lay emphasis upon reducing excess body fat with conventional measures like following strict and healthy die, indulging in rigorous exercise regimen and taking medications. In many cases, these measures show great results when followed strictly for 2-3 months. However, a handful of obese people get the desired results by following these measures. So, the only resort left for them is surgical treatments.
Surgical Treatment Options
Over the years, weight-loss surgery has emerged as the most successful anti-obesity treatments. Moreover, more and more people of Dubai as well as other countries are opting for the treatment due to its high success rate. Gastric Sleeve surgery and gastric bypass are the two most common weight-loss surgeries helped in regaining lost confidence of obese people by reducing their weight significantly.
Gastric Sleeve Surgery – During gastric sleeve surgery, the surgeon shrinks the stomach via altering the digestive system, thereby resulting in less intake of food and weight loss. With the help of stapling device, 70-80% of the stomach is removed and thin vertical sleeve, often in tube shaped is inserted to carry food into intestine.
Gastric Bypass Surgery– During this surgery, certain part the stomach is permanently closed off with the help of staples. Additionally, small pouch of the stomach is attached with the Y shaped piece of upper intestine so that food will not pass through initial sections of the intestine, which is responsible for absorbing calories and nutrients.

Other surgeries like mini gastric bypass, adjustable gastric banding and bariatric surgery are also performed by surgeons for treating morbid obesity.

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