Anti-Aging Treatment

Dark under eye Circle Treatment Dubai

We can say that aging is the accumulation of changes over time. Some aspects of ourselves grow over time such as wisdom (we all want to be wiser!) while some decline, a prime example being the quality of our skin, giving us a much older appearance: very few of us, if any want to look old.

Research, as well as empirical evidence shows that even late in life there exists the potential for both physical and mental growth.

With Mc Body Clinic, it is never late to look beautiful: our technology can make you look much younger by changing the quality of your skin.

An important role for looking younger and beautiful is the prevention of becoming mentally and physically old too early.

The main problem with skin aging is the destruction of collagen. Our aim is to successfully rejuvenate the collagen and give you back a more youthful complexion. While other machines merely regenerate and increase the collagen randomly, Mc Body machines not only regenerate and increase collagen they also have the ability to position it where it is needed most: in the normal architecture of skin.

This allowance for exact placement of collagen can remove deep wrinkles as well as rectify double chins.

The machine: B3 Lift and Regenerate

B3 plus  is a non-invasive treatment in the cosmetic-aesthetic field. It uses a bipolar base with a resistive effect. Recently, a micro-current system has been added that has astonishing effect to the skin. With the use of B3 plus, not only relaxation is achieved but also immediate effects to the skin will be visible.

B3 plus works with radiofrequency that can only be felt with the slow constant rise in the warmth of the tissue and skin surface.

Micro-current system is also added in B3 plus. This system is a low voltage current that mimics the body’s own bio-electric current tat is directed to affect the cells and tissues to stimulate the body’s healing process in return softening the wrinkles and rejuvenating the skin.